Crustacés Baie-Trinité

Located at Baie-Trinité on the western shores of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Over the last two decades, Daley Seafoods continuously upgraded this plant. Now it can produce six million pounds of snow crab annually. It’s also configured to process lobster as well.

On The Edge Of Greatness

Our location puts us on the edge of one of the world’s great fisheries. The snow crab and lobster harvested nearby are some of the world’s finest. When you combine seafood of this calibre with such an advanced processing facility, you know the result will taste superb.

Partners We Trust

Over the 20 years we have run this plant, we have expanded both its capacity and the number of local fishermen we partner with. Our harvesters follow all Canadian Government regulations. They are as committed as we are to a sustainable harvest.

A sustainable fishery

A sustainable fishery requires constant care. We watch number of fishing licenses issued, the length of each season, the number of traps used, and the total allowable catch. We want to know that we are part of the solution, for a long and prosperous future.

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