Caught in the

Cold, clear water of the North Atlantic

These legs were

Made for crackin’

From Our

North Atlantic home to yours

Our Story

Obsessed with the best

For three generations now, Daley Seafoods has been processing and selling seafood harvested from the rich and pristine fishing grounds of the North Atlantic. We provide customers around the globe with the tastiest seafood available anywhere. It’s not a job – it’s a family passion.

Harvesting Deliciousness

The clean, icy-cold, and nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence are the perfect breeding ground for world-renowned North Atlantic lobster and snow crab. They thrive in this environment, as do a number of other seasonally harvested species. By locating our modern processing plants nearby, we ensure we capture all that texture and taste. The result is seafood that sets a global bar for excellence.

Our Products

Lobster Tails

The biggest treat from one of the ocean’s greatest delicacies.

Our Products

Lobster Meat

Our North Atlantic Lobster, with its clean, sweet, North Atlantic flavour, is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Our Products

Snow Crab

This sublime crustacean is world-renowned for both its sweet taste and tender texture.

Our Products

North Atlantic Lobster

But its rich, delicious meat is also a tremendous source of protein, and full of rich Omega-3 fatty acids.

Our Plants

Closer Means Fresher

Our processing plants are located close to where the seafood is harvested. Less time lost in transit means fresher tasting seafood. We own four highly modernized seafood plants, all located on the North Atlantic coast. Each is designed and built to process specific seafoods.