Crustaces Baie-Trinite


Daley Seafoods’ CRUSTACES BAIE TRINITE seafood processing plant is located at Baie-Trinité on the western shores of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the province of Québec, Canada. Nearly two decades of Daley Seafoods’ ownership and operations have seen the modernized facility continuously increase its seafood processing capacity while partnering with an ever-expanding number of local fishermen.

The CRUSTACES BAIE TRINITE has the capacity to produce nearly 6 million pounds of Snow Crab, annually. Very recently, Daley Seafoods reconfigured the 31,000-square-foot facility to process Lobster in addition to Snow Crab. For a list of seafood products currently available from our distributors, visit our Daley Seafoods Products page.

Everyone on the CRUSTACES BAIE TRINITE team – managers, employees and independent fishermen, are fully dedicated to protecting the environment and resource sustainability. Our harvesters diligently follow Canadian Government regulations protecting the clear, clean Gulf of St. Lawrence waters. The number of fishing licences issued, the length of fishing seasons, the number of traps used and total allowable catch quotas are just a few of the high standards ensuring the sustainability of Atlantic Canada’s seafood resources.