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Daley Seafoods is a family-owned Canadian seafood processing company strategically located on the shores of Atlantic Canada’s seafood-rich fishing grounds, the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Daley Seafoods owns and operates two modernized processing plants, CRUSTACES BAIE TRINITE is located at Baie-Trinite in the province of Québec, and BAIE STE. ANNE SEAFOODS at Baie-Sainte-Anne in New Brunswick. Daley Seafoods affiliate company, FIT Industrial, is actively engaged in our ongoing plant modernization and maintenance programs. Additionally, Daley Seafoods has been engaged by Thai Union Canada to oversee operations for their processing plant, Les Pêcheries de Chez-Nous , at Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick, and buying station facility in Bass Harbor, Maine, USA.

American Lobster and Snow Crab thrive in the pristine, icy-cold, Gulf of St. Lawrence waters in Atlantic Canada - right where Daley Seafoods processing plants are located. We are proud to partner with hundreds of independent Snow Crab and Lobster fishermen who provide us with an abundant, sustainably sourced supply of the world’s finest snow crab and lobster.

Daley Seafoods premium Snow Crab and Lobster products are enjoyed, not only here in North America, but also in Asia and Europe. Daley Seafoods also processes a variety of seasonally harvested species including: Oysters, Clams, Atlantic Herring, Herring (Roe), Deep-sea Scallops and Smelt. For a list of seafood products currently available from Daley Seafoods distributors, visit our Daley Seafoods Products page.

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