Baie Ste. Anne Seafoods

Operating on the edge of the rich Gulf of St. Lawrence fishing grounds, this is Daley Seafoods flagship plant. This thoroughly modernized plant is customized to efficiently process both lobster and snow crab. It processes, on average, about 8 million pounds a year.

Protecting our resources

As proud to be members of the Marine Stewardship Council, we are deeply committed to protecting oceans and safeguarding all seafood stocks for future generations. The fishermen we partner with abide by all Canadian Government regulations.

Efficient, modern technology

This state-of-the-art 21,000 sq. ft. processing facility has been designed to process up to 8 million pounds of lobster and crab each year. Like all our plants, it is constantly being upgraded and improved, in order to provide an even better product to our customers.

Seasonably available species

The plant is also equipped to process other aquatic species as they become seasonally available. These include the mussels, clams, and oysters that are harvested by hundreds of independent New Brunswick fishermen.

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