Pointe-Sapin Seafoods

Located on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in a delightful little seaside village. This facility uses state-of-the-art equipment to transform the freshest lobster into a taste treat that can be shipped around the world.

Lobster Like It Should Be

There is nothing like lobster. But there’s no lobster like Gulf of St. Lawrence lobster. And no Gulf lobster like the ones we process at Pointe-Sapin Seafoods. Close to the fishing grounds, our modern plant has the ability to process many of the species this famed region offers us.

From fresh to delicious

Processing lobster without losing its remarkable texture and taste requires fresh stock, experience, and great facilities. Our Pointe Sapin Seafood plant offers all three. You can taste the result.

Committed to sustainability

We are deeply committed to protecting oceans and safeguarding all seafood stocks for future generations. The fishermen we partner with all abide by Canadian Government regulations. They, like us, want to nurture and protect this beautiful environment and harvest its remarkable seafood in a fully sustainable way.

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