Pointe-Sapin Seafoods


Daley Seafoods’ lobster processing facility, POINTE-SAPIN SEAFOODS, is located in Pointe Sapin New Brunswick. Just 20 kilometers from Daley’s flagship, Baie Ste. Anne Seafoods.

Very much like the flagship, POINTE-SAPIN SEAFOODS is located in a delightful seaside village that is flanked by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and a world class fishing ground.

The facility boasts state-of-the-art processing equipment that allows for fresh, whole, live lobster to be transformed into the finest offerings the North Atlantic has to offer. Though specialized ion lobster, the plant has the ability to process many of the species the robust fishing region has to offer.

Everyone on the POINTE-SAPIN SEAFOODS team – managers, employees and independent fishermen, are fully dedicated to protecting the environment and resource sustainability. Our harvesters diligently follow Canadian Government regulations protecting the clear, clean Gulf of St. Lawrence.